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Marco Malattia is the mastermind behind VLF Laboratories – the true porn collective that takes its art to the next level. Below check out some of their most recent photos plus an excerpt from an interview we did with Marco. I find your work refreshing, as I have always found appeal in

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We will skip the first 120 Days in Sodom, and focus on 121st, which found me back at Frolicon – the south east’s largest kink convention. My first 120 were spent getting my toes back into the kink community after my divorce, so Frolicon was full submersion. The landscape of

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It’s a given that the internet is the best destination for those itching to see some real crazy shit. Though bragging basics and keyboard crusaders are at the forefront of everyone’s favorite scrollable pastime, a deeper dive into the rabbit hole could leave one coming out grasping for clarity, normality

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