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📸: @booji_boy

SUN SPOTS have captured the spirit of a rad PNW house party as the backdrop for their new video “LOOSEY”! I fucking love this song, it’s a straight jam and makes my heart warm on the inside! They create Classic Rock-infused Dream POP that sounds like a perfect sunny day in Seattle. I could imagine blasting SUN SPOTS in my headphones looking out of the bus headed to Northgate to teach Pre-School, and imagining how awesome the weekend was going to be! What I love about their songs is that I can hear and feel the love they have for each other as human beings which shines through in the music they manifest together. I’m beyond stoked to share this epic video with and stay tuned for the new SUN SPOTS EP that will feature this tune “LOOSEY” on it! I want to say thank you to the band for their music that makes me happy that I live in the PNW!

📸: @booji_boy

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