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Creating Sleep Deprivation for the Masses! Experience the Blissed Out Sounds of FREECELL ‘Fermi Fati’

FREECELL’s Fermi Fati is a release that I don’t want to end. I’m beyond amazed at how good this debut is and how sonically this record is truly otherworldly. From the opening track, “Head with Reflecting Sphere,” you will realize that this project is next level. This duo creates music that is not of this world and is not trying to fit into any genre or scene! I will say in a way their vibe reminds me of Trip Hop through a 2023 lens but it’s so much more than that! FREECELL is an audio portal that will uplift your mind from your darkest thoughts and set you free in a constant state of euphoria. Vocally and production wise this duo can’t be fucked with. “Ego & Scraps” is the downbeat anthem that I would love to hear after partying with my mates near Old Street in the early 2000s. If I had one bone to pick with them, it’s that 5 songs are not enough — I want a full-length LP ASAP, please! It should be noted that listening to Fermi Fati will cause the melting of brain cells and have you moving in the world in a constant state of BLISS! I want to say thank you to FREECELL for pushing music forward and creating for creating music from a place of FREE-UP!

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Sentient 51423

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