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Blast BODY FARM “Living Hell”! It’s a Slice of Uncut Raw Chaos!

BODY FARM’s new 12-inch Living Hell out now via …So This Is Progress is beyond fucking awesome on so many levels! From just looking at their album cover I could tell that I would enjoy every moment of this record. This band uses its platform to tell the world about the injustices that are committed against those that stand up against the corrupt. BODY FARM creates political war cries and anthems that inspire and give all of us food for thought! Ocean’s voice is a sonic weapon of mass change and makes the hairs on the back of your neck rise to attention.

Musically, this band lays down the law and bangs out scathing Hardcore Punk that is sick AF! Their song “Ohioan Solidarity” is a get-up-and-go tune that is full of chaotic chaos that will leave you feeling hyped! Their title track “Living Hell” which closes out the record reminds me of Suicidal Tendencies through the lens of uncut raw audio mayhem! Yo BODY FARM, I want to salute y’all for creating a record that will stand the test of time and will also make a difference in the fucked up world!

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Relapse DF 92123
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