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Experience the Blackened DoomGaze of HIRAM-MAXIM “Bathed In Blood”

Photo by Bryon Miller

Unholy fucking hell yes — imagine if Danzig, Prong, The Gun Club, and Killing Joke decided to have a sonic love child, the outcome might sound like the new HIRAM-MAXIM song “Bathed In Blood.” I’m totally addicted to their dirge-infected anthem and I have it on repeat! I want y’all to celebrate this killer song by pressing the play button below. HIRAM-MAXIM’s new LP Colder comes out on April 7th.

My entire time as a voter I have voted Democrat. However, I have never felt like a “Democrat.” Mostly I have voted against the Republican. “Bathed in Blood’ is about not fitting in with either side, not feeling welcome and being ok with that. It’s about embracing being the outsider and leaning into it.

Photo by Bryon Mille
Written By

Sentient 51423

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