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Axeslasher were born out of an unsettling love for 80s slasher flicks and its associated gore, the deep and dark nature of human morality and the desire to touch on the less than angelic side of life. The trio formed in late 2011 and for the most part, the band came into being in Denver, Colorado. Comprised of Justin Lascelle on vocals/guitar, Patrick Bruss (Crypticus, and who also mixed/mastered and produced their forthcoming release) on bass and Norwegian member Brynjar Helgetun (Crypticus, The Grotesquery, Liklukt) on drums, Axeslasher take the elements of the bands unnatural focus and imbue them with a fiery thrash tone.

If disgustingly savage thrash is your bag, then Axeslasher tick all the known boxes. Their tongue-in-cheek song titles drip with a knowing edge and they have all the proverbial balls to back up their claims that they should “…be the soundtrack to a Tales from the Crypt reboot directed by Lloyd Kauffman. Eat pizza and worship Satan indeed.

If that piques your interest, then check out their very first music video below.

From the band:

AXESLASHER enlisted the help of HIVE MIND FILMS to bring their decrepit vision to shambling, rotting life. “The Drifter’s Warning” combines live footage from Denver Black Sky 2013 (where the band suspended a live human being over the mosh pit by their skin using real meat hooks) and a cinematic narrative about a sick and twisted zombie-fueled blood sport played by America’s rich elite.

“The Drifter’s Warning” was recorded in November 2013 at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, NY as part of a promotion in which the band was hand selected to be the first metal band to ever record in the studio, and features Sherwood Webber (Skinless) behind the drumkit. The raw tracks were then mixed and mastered by Patrick Bruss (Crypticus). The song is available on AXESLASHER’s split with CALL OF THE VOID (Relapse Records) released by Granite House Records and can be purchased here along with their trademark Pizzagram shirt designs.

Anthology of Terror, Vol.1 can be purchased via bandcamp.

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