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Hear the Cosmic Heavy that is the ÂGE ⱡ TOTAL Debut

ÂGE Ⱡ TOTAL makes the kind of music that has my mind’s eye traveling through a wormhole, spinning psychedelic colors all around me, passing through interdimensional fields of intertwined energies, free of my 3D body. In my opinion, music is the closest humanity can get to understanding the universe in our souls, without explanation, logic, or rationalization. Maybe I’ve been meditating on quantum physics a little too much, or maybe the love child made lovingly by French connoisseurs of heavy Greyfell and Endless Floods really is that cosmic. Maybe both. Their self-titled debut record comes out February 5th on tape and digital via Soza / Collectif 5024 – pre-order it here. They blend doom with psychedelic rock with post-rock with stoner metal with avant-garde to make a gorgeous primordial soup of sound. Today I’m excited to share all of this with you with our full stream of their record ÂGE Ⱡ TOTAL.

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Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation.

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