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Death Metal

Omen Ex Simulacra

Self-proclaimed “prophets of an alternate death metal”, Aevangelist are just that; a monstrosity the likes of which we’ve never seen. Maybe cross Mitochondrion with Gnaw Their Tongues and you’ll get something like this – crushing blasphemy from another dimension of horror entirely. For if you fully immerse yourself in Aevangelist‘s world of malformed atrocities, there’s no turning back – there is no going back to the way things were.

The compositions on this record are large in nature and heavily painted with noise and nightmarish soundscapes that will leave your jaw on the floor. Throughout its playing, strange machinations, wailing’s and other crippling sounds of suffering can be heard. Indeed, the atmosphere produced on Omen Ex Simulacra is downright unsettling but make no mistake – this record fucking brings it. It’s every bit as hammer-crushing and thick-bodied as any Death Metal record out there, which is precisely what gives it such staying power. It will give you the assault you need but also surprise with a plethora of unimaginable sensations that no sane human being would ever ask for.


The creative outburst of this tandem is amazing, by the way. Their first album De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis was released just a year ago and yet, they’ve turned right around and released this monolithic slab of obscenity that sees the band building the structure of terror ever higher. The production values are improved, the song writing is better and more complex in nature as well. While still dense and atmospheric, the songs on De Masticatione were still a bit more straight forward and graspable than what comes across here.

This is an album that you sit down and let yourself be enveloped by; but at your own peril, for what infiltrates is a sickness, a disease of a mind trapped within an eternal nightmare. Seriously, these songs are scary. What Aevangelist have accomplished is they’ve taken the conventions of black and death metal, maximized their extremity, and furnished them with an atmosphere that will leave your psyche scarred.

It’s a long, brutal, horrific journey seemingly without end; a hell the likes of which you’d have never dreamt was so fucked up. With song titles like “Seclusion” and “Relinquished Destiny,” it’s evident that once you traverse the boundary of the Abysscape, everything you’ve ever known – every comfort, joy, or concept of beauty – is irredeemable. Essentially, this is a record for the demented individual that wants to be scared shitless and at any rate, no one else is doing it like these guys and doing it this well – that’s for damn sure.

Label: Debemur Morti

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Metal. Literature. Philosophy. These are the things.

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