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80’s Cult Underground TV…
All 25 Episodes Online!

I loved the world before MTV, before they started to co-opt the underground! In the early 80’s, weirdos found their kindred spirits on late night TV. In Los Angeles, we had New Wave Theater hosted by the late Peter Ivers. He championed the sonic freak circus while other media outlets wanted to have us committed. New Wave Theater was the show that we could watch to see the Circle Jerks, 45 Grave, Angry Samoans, Snake Finger, Fear, Castration Squad, Legal Weapon and UXA. Keep in mind, this was before the first real music video had been made, so these performances were our music videos. I didn’t realize when I was younger, but this show also served as a visual time capsule for future generations to experience. Honestly, we didn’t like every band that was on the show, but we knew we were watching something special. Peter Ivers’ passion for what he was doing was evident. I know when I watch Gun Club blazing through “Fire Spirit,” I get chills. If any older heads read this post, make sure to let us know if you watched this show…Today CVLT Nation salutes New Wave Theater and Peter Ivers for giving a fuck when no one else would! Now check out every episode of New Wave Theater!



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