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7 Sick AF bands that are RAZORBLADES & ASPIRIN Certified!

Hell fucking Yeah! RAZORBLADES & ASPRIN is the best Punk Photo zine on the planet and I say that without apology! Michael Thorn’s vision is so spot on and I love the way he brings scenes from all of the world together. Today I want to share with y’all seven bands that were featured in the last issue because they all are rad and gnarly!!! If you haven’t checked out RAZORBLADES & ASPRIN keep your eyes open for issue #12.


You know how DISCLOSE did that split with FRAMTID in anticipation of a US tour together that didn’t happen? Well AFFECT studied, with committed dedication the DISCLOSE side while LÖCKHEED took careful notes on FRAMTID’s contribution – though they added a bit of UNCURBED to the mix just to spice it up. 


Ripping d-beat from San Diego that takes a “noise not… well maybe music” approach. Not the typical tuneless distort-o-rama ramp through songs about “war is a bad” but instead we have memorable riffs which pack a wallop. Really solid.


Seven blasts of excellent dynamic hardcore from the UK alternating from molasses sludge to 1000mph blasts with occasional mid-tempo breakdowns. It really reminds me a great deal of 90s bands like ASSHOLE PARADE.


Swaggering late 80s/early 90s New York Hawdkaw style through a Boston filter – gruff, Cookie Monster style vocals spat out over BREAKDOWN meets Set It Off-era MADBALL jams. Mosh!


I believe this is former members of SLIMY MEMBER but not 100% on that – have you ever listened to those Bullshit Detector comps CRASS put out? It’s decidedly punk, a little goth, a little off-kilter but more well put together than much of that stuff. It’s got a lot of that sort of bouncy mid-paced aggro that HARAM projects musically though mixed with something more UK82. Super into this tape – hope to hear more soon.

KORROSIVE – Hiroshima Flexi

Oakland’s KORROSIVE latest release is this stomping single track flexi dedicated the memory of the horror that was Hiroshima. It’s a slow, rhythmic and nearly hypnotic track which leans heavy towards sounding like something APPENDIX would have created in the lab.


This is so fucking good that you don’t deserve it – twisty turny weirdo hardcore that is at one moment the MINUTEMEN on speed and one part CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS – though some might just say they’ve been mainlining the first DIE KREUZEN via live wires in the brain. Minimally distorted guitars riffing out a chaotic note salad with a rhythm section providing a sense of stability and a nearly out of breath vocalist inviting you to a sonic orgy of madness. Fucking brilliant.

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