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7 Hardcore Bands That are Proud to be 100% Anti-Racist!

I ain’t going to front – straight up, the world needs to wake the fuck up to how White Supremacy has fucked everything UP! How do I deal with it? I find strength and solace in the music I blast at home and expose our children to. Certain genres are better for my mental and physical health than others, because certain genres leave little to no room for racist expression. HARDCORE and HARDCORE PUNK are two genres that give me the strength I need to stand up to the White Supremacy that exists everywhere, even in my own family. I’m not saying that these genres are perfect, but you don’t get scene clout for having ties to any sort of racist ideologies. Try wearing an Absurd or Burzum or Fred Perry shirt to a Jesus Piece show booked by Vancouver’s DPK Productions – I guarantee you they wouldn’t let you in, but they would give you a BEATDOWN! Today I want to shine light on 7 hardcore bands that are 100% ANTI-RACIST and are gnarly AF! I find the Vancouver Hardcore Scene to be one of the most inclusive scenes in this city. Maybe the fans, artists, labels and promoters of other genres should take a look at how they’ve allowed racism to take ahold in their scene. Hardcore isn’t a safe place for racists, so racists don’t feel comfortable at hardcore shows – and that’s how it should be. It’s time to check these insanely awesome bands that create music for us all to enjoy!


Ultra sick Hardcore from Nashville. It’s time for y’all to get with the program!


An Incendiary Hardcore band from San Jose. Their new album Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress might be the AOTY!


One of my favorite Hardcore bands from the PNW and they’ll punch a Nazi in a second!


A killer Hardcore Punk band that brings the ruckus every time they hit the stage. Their new EP We Don’t Forget is the BOMB! Respect due to Convulse records for releasing this underground gem!



A family favorite. What can I say about a band that sung our 5-year-old daughter Happy Birthday at their all-ages show. Jesus Piece will drop kick a racist in the chest in a second!


A NYC Hardcore Punk that makes wants to move back to NYC (pre-Covid-19). Their tape Enemy is full of straight angsty jams that get me hyped every time I hear it!


This band stands for everything that we stand for here at CVLT Nation! Their new album Satan Is King is unhinged and on point!!!

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