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666% Sludge Filth! GNASCH’s Down Tuned Riffs Reign Supreme!

It’s been a while since an ultra grimy filthy Sludge band has got me hyped! Today I want to turn y’all on to GNASCH and this putrefied slab of sonic vomit called SPITE AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. From the very first moment that the riff drops on “DENIED” I realized that this band could not be fucked with. I love the kind of Sludge that smells bad, like their SLOW moving Dirge anthem “UNUNION” (the lyrics on this joint are FIRE!). Unholy fuck yes, this band creates modern day Blues that will shine light on our last days as a universe! The vocals on this offering is top notch. Yo it’s a trip, because in their own weird way I get an almost Industrial or Post Punk vibe on some of their songs. Real talk, if had a record label I would totally sign them in a Down Tuned heartbeat. I got to say it one more time — hell fucking yes, GNASCH has arrived!!!

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Sentient 51423

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