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SICK BEYOND SICK!!! 6 Hardcore Punk & Hardcore Bands That Are SICK AF!!!

I can’t front, CVLT Nation is known to bring y’all the sickest young Hardcore Punk and Hardcore bands from around the world! Today I want to turn y’all on to 6 bands from around the globe that are well beyond sick, and all of them are infested with pure, uncut raw sonic radness! You have two jobs: blast all these sick releases, then tell your homies and your enemies about all of these insanely sick bands that are pushing the genre forward!

Ритуальный Нож

First up is Ритуальный Нож, whose demo will jump out of your headphones and devour your brain with a feral Hardcore Punk onslaught! Every fucking tune on this tape will eat your face off and punch you in the gut all at the same time. I love how this band manifests the kind of Chaotic Hardcore Punk that digs so much! Imagine if BIB and SPY had a sonic love child, Ритуальный Нож would be their offspring! Here is the deal, I want y’all to bump their song “Стресс” and tell it’s not the shit! Ритуальный Нож know how to use distortion and feedback as instruments that only add to their unhinged madness! Their menacing audio event “Скорость” is full of unreal breakdowns and then some. Yo, if the band reads this I want them to know that we are major fans over here at CVLT Nation!

Shoot Da 5

New York, New York, big city of schemes and home to one of the most multicultural Hardcore punk scenes on the planet. This city’s Hardcore community, for the most part, has always reflected the diversity of the city. Shoot Da 5 is a product of their environment and they create Hardcore with a message that speaks to me and people like me! They are willing to use Hardcore as a weapon of direct action and sonic change for the upliftment of our people. This band writes straight fucking banging songs and their interludes are spot on. On their record Language Of Da Unheard, Shoot Da 5’s anthems are thick with rage and make me want to slap the fuck out of the corrupt NYPD. Big Tunes like “Soul Searching” speak to me on so many levels. As a people we have always used music as a platform for change and Shoot Da 5 is doing just that and more with this record. Language Of Da Unheard FUCKING RULES!

We’re all bleeding We’re all grieving Yearning for something Yearning to be free Empty smiles Soulless black eyes Staring back at you Staring back at me You’re out of touch You don’t feel alive What is it like to feel awake inside?

Shoot Da 5


WTF, the new The BREATH EP entitled 道​理​な​き​憎​悪 Reasonless Hate rocks harder than 6 TONS of cement. I don’t why, but every song on this record puts a smile on my face. I think it’s their sick fucking riffs that have me smiling non-stop. The BREATH creates the kind of Hardcore Punk that is action-packed but still has an unstoppable groove to it that is straight infectious! Yo, if you don’t know, now you know that 道​理​な​き​憎​悪 Reasonless Hate is out now on Convulse Records!


Hot diggty damn, when I first heard SLICE’s God Complex I was like, damn, this band is the fucking SHIT! (I say that with my chest!) Their brand of in-your-face Hardcore is DOPE AF and has me stage-diving in my brain. I would love to see them live because I know the room would be off the hook! Their songwriting skills are so on point and their riffs are HUGE!!! SLICE’s vocalist has a gnarly and passionate delivery that gets me hyped! This band’s songs speak to the human condition that we all go through and also their minds in the process. Oh yeah, I can’t front, their merch game is fire! So GAZM is calling quits soon, but we have SLICE to pick up the mantle!


Now POLISH is a band that pushed my wig back and had me saying to myself, damn, this band is so so so GOOD!!! Their Polluted Planet EP is a nonstop caustic storm of brutality that I never want to end! Every time I play this record I feel like I need to clean my skull out because it’s that filthy. I love the way they can harness this maniacal metallic sound with straight sick-the-head Hardcore Punk. The best way for y’all to know how sick POLISH is to hear them for yourself!


I write this from a place of self-love! I write this from a place of love for my people and everything we have created in this world! I write this from a place of revolution and being willing to battle white supremacy when I see it! I write this from a place of knowing that Black People created the underground out of necessity! I write this from a place knowing that RISINGER is a bomb ass fucking band that stands for what I stand for! Their most recent EP, K​.​Y​.​E​.​P., is a blistering record that slams on all levels! Yo RISINGER, I want y’all to know that now not only do we hear you but we feel where y’all are coming from. I’m beyond stoked to hear what this band is going to create in the future! Right now I want y’all to give RISINGER the flowers they deserve. I know for a fact that they are making our ancestors proud!

Bullshit morality you pick and choose Who you decide to Cut loose Saving face Afraid To stand by Your b e l i e f s Running to the nearest signal of virtue What do you Stand for? Will it change? When you decide to migrate? Will it change? Familiar territory you F a l l i n l i n e This Will be The final moment you are free This Will be The final moment you are f r e e!

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Sentient 51423

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