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6 Bands That CVLT Nation Has CERTIFIED SICK!!!

Are you ready to hear 6 bands that will push your wig back? This list covers all different genres – some of these bands defy genres and have created their own lane! That being said, all of of them take their creativity to the next fucking level. The other thing they have in common is that that all call Transylvanian Tapes home. If you have not heard of this label, now is your chance to get into it, because over the the past 6 years they have been committed to releasing the sickest heavy music from around the world. Their latest batch of releases is extra impressive, so I felt it was my duty to share with you each tape. After you listen, feel free to leave your feedback!


In the words of Old Dirty Bastard: “No Father To His Style.” The same goes for this band’s music because they sound like not other!!!


Slow moving beautiful morbid doom covered in sickness. I can not get enough of this band! All I want to do when I hear them is get high as FUCK and tune out. Burning Witch and Graves at Sea got together and created a HATE child which goes by the name YARROW!


Are you ready for some Funeral Doom // OSDM? If you are, this band is FOR YOU! MORTUOUS is back with a classic record that might not be understood until the next decade.


Wailing Black Metal drenched in the HEAVY sounds of DOOM Metal. This OCCLITH tape fucking KILLS!

5. A-TONE s/t

Downtuned dirge that will have you hooked. This debut is beyond solid!

6.DearthOf Martyrdom and Polluted Faith

A wild sonic WHIRLWIND OF BLACK DEATH that never lets up!

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