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26 Haunted Dolls Not for the Inexperienced Guardian


My friend Isabella is looking for a haunted jester, and the other day she was posting some of her options on her instagram. I was immediately riveted by the idea of finding haunted objects. Even though I have spent years obsessed with hauntings, for some reason I had never thought to search for vintage haunted objects in places like Ebay or Etsy. I just want to say thank you, Isabella, because there are so many beautiful dolls and stories out there that I’ve just brushed the surface of. Here are 26 haunted dolls I found on Etsy, and buyer beware, because these are for experienced spirit guardians only! Which one creeps you out the most?



Sally may cause spontaneous weeping and fitful dreams if not properly taken care of. She needs patient communication and attention to reach her full potential as a haunted object. She appears to hail from the 1920s and died either of influenza or illness brought about from poverty.



Marilyn has become a regular feature of our home. She is very communicative during Ouiji sessions and prefers no less than six candles to be lit. She constantly brings strong, floral, perfumey scents with her, and frequently appears in random rooms throughout the house – rooms she definitely wasn’t left in. During her more idle downtime, she appears to be a very curious, observant spirit, and is a big fan of stories. 

We believe she passed away in the early 20th century in her adolescent years. She answers to both Marilyn and ‘Lyn’ during our sessions, and also appears in recurring dreams. If you’re looking for the spirit of a young woman to liven up your home and provide you with an easy, non-violent route into communication with spirits, then Marilyn is the girl for you!



Maye was a farmgirl who helped her family do everything from plowing and planting to feeding animals. She died in her late teens from a fall off of a fence

She cracked her head on a rock next to the post and died from complications. She says she likes the smell of rain because she wouldn’t have to work as hard on the farm on rainy days. I think she makes her home smell like rain when she sees me working too hard. Like she’s reminding me to rest some too. She is so sweet. 



Jerrell is said to cause objects to move, including doors opening and closing, and sometimes slamming shut. People report having an eerie feeling around this doll, and some say they hear her whispering. Her hands stretch out like she is trying to grab you. Several people have reported waking to find this doll near their bed, when she was previously on a shelf. Most people are terrified by this doll, and say that she has a dark aura. She measures approximately 16 inches tall. Jerrell has been procured from the darkness for your dark side collection.

*NOTE: This doll has a dark magnetism that may cause certain people to be inexplicably drawn to her. Some owners have reported “strange” occurrences that begin near the time of the acquisition of this doll. Some people report “creepy” or “scary” feelings when they are near the doll. This doll may be haunted, cursed or possessed. Seller holds no liability for any “strange” occurrences surrounding ownership or proximity to this doll.



Dylan is a 2 year old baby boy. He passed on in the 2000s. He came from Manchester, United Kingdom. Even though he says a few words, you can hear he has a slight northern accent. He was playing outside near the road with his siblings, in the front garden, and ran into the road. He was tragically hit by a car, survived for a little while, after paramedics stabilised him, but died days later in hospital. 

The medium believed this doll belonged to his grandmother. He spent alot of time in his grandmother’s house and he often played with her dolls there. Dylan likes to be around other spirits, children and toys. He does say a few words but please remember he is just two years old so talk to him like you would a living 2 year old child. 

With child spirits we are limited because often the child spirit is unaware that they have passed. What is most important though is to ensure that they are loved, respected and content until and if they do decide to pass over and leave the vessel that they inhabit. If they show signs of distress, that is when professional intervention is needed, preferably by a spirit medium or spiritual church, to aid the spirit with crossing over. For now, Dylan is content and behaves like any other toddler would. He requires lots of attention and support, consider this before adopting him. 

The following activity has been shown: a toddler talking in EVPs, orb/ectoplasm, a presence felt close by touching/pressure on the skin, evp communication, emf meter communication, appliances like the kettle/washing machine turning on and off.



This doll had hard life and was angry for a very long time I have worked with her and her soft side is now showing , she took a lot of patience but it paid off , she is now ready to be happy and be around other people , I’ve seen her in astro form she is very beautiful, this goes to show not all spirit stay angry they always have a reason for their anger as does most , Only adopt if you are familiar with paranormal activity, none of my vessel dolls are perfect condition wise , they do not want to be refurbished.



Noé feels magical and ethereal, but also, very down to earth and hardworking at times. She is highly motivational, she pushes people to get things done. Noé has helped us with manifesting everything, growing plants, choosing which seeds to start up here in the mountains, and also with astral travel practices. She wants us to get to know our ancestors, especially any Latino roots. She brings up ancient mayan Gods, and wants us to learn “hidden history” about them. She gives us predictive dreams, always in some sort of Aztec messaging. It feels otherworldly, the messages we get from her. She speaks multiple languages, and often her worded messages, like on the Ouija, are in an ancient dialect called Yucatec Maya. Know this, and get google translate if you plan on communicating with her this way. Noé is by far the most unique Fae we have ever met, mainly because we did not know that she existed till we met her. She has asked to be placed with someone “who is willing to be taught all she has to offer” and that is quite a bit. Probably not a good idea for a newcomer, she requires experience.



Meet Mandi the haunted porcelain doll that is said to possess psychometric powers. If you have ever picked up a piece of jewelry, held an article of clothing, or touched a piece of furniture and instantly got a strong impression of who the previous owner was, that’s psychometry. The ability is based on the idea that the objects we own can become infused with our spiritual energy. By touching these objects, a psychic might get impressions of certain words, colors, or feelings that reveal more about the last person who owned it. Many people have reported having dreams about this doll, and the little girl who used to own her. People claim to hear that little girl still playing with the doll in the darkness of the night. The first owner of this doll met a tragic demise, and that is why it is said to have transferred the little girl’s spirit to the doll. They also shared the same name. Mandi comes with her own wooden stand that has her name embossed on it. She measures approximately 16 inches tall, and is holding a sailboat. The sailboat is said to invoke its own psychometric occurrences. 



Maggie was a 35 year old woman she was the oldest sister of 13 kids raised catholic, being that she was the oldest of 13 she never wanted kids or to settle down so her lifestyle is what eventually caught up with her to much fun can kill you. She drank smoked lived a fancy free adult life she died way to young due to it , she now seeks a mate to feel complete with she doesn’t care if she is a spirit or not she knows the right mate is out there and will except her she comes to you in dreams and astro projection, she has confirmed to me she wants a mate more then anything some one she can call all hers . Might seem odd but to me its perfectly ok. I hope she finds her mate she does like being the open ear and confidante to a good friend , so she isnt against any sex adopter. Must be open minded with this adoption…. dont be surprised if you have smokes and Alcohol slowly disappear….



Michelle lived in Ireland in the 1920s. Catholicism was commonplace where she was from but Michelle did not truly follow the beliefs and traditions. She had to for family and friends but she considered herself to be a secret witch. Michelle mainly followed Wiccan and pagan traditions but was open to other beliefs too. In private she practiced magic, involving herbs, plants and natural materials. She used this to make improvements in her life and to work with spirits. She was curious and wanted to seek answers beyond the religion that she had always known. She worked with many spirits, human and non human and performed rituals alone in the woodlands, away from society. Michelle lived a long life and passed naturally in her old age. She is happy to be in the spirit world and assist other witches in their magical works. She is a wise woman, highly intelligent and loves to be around other spirits and learn about this evolving world. 

The following activity has been shown: a female voice in EVPs, throwing objects, footsteps, orb/ectoplasm, a presence felt close by touching/pressure on the skin, evp communication, emf meter communication, appliances like the kettle/washing machine turning on and off.



Raven comes to me through Nialle. Raven has been with Nialle in her home for some time. I recently attended her home and obtained a number of spirit vessels from her, Raven is very special and I have been communicating with her now for some time. This beautiful spirit has such calmness around her. There is such peace and a strong sense of protection.

I would suggest Raven for anyone who feels alone, or who needs grounding, a sense of stability or acceptance. The spirit here is very gentle, very evolved and definately will assist you to feel calm and serene. There is a strong feeling of peace here, I feel enveloped in this sense when I communicate with Raven. This spirit is very gentle, there is a wiseness here and she shows me brilliant bright white light, a sign of protection. There is an awareness of this spirit and her presence, she can be seen as a wisp of shadow, she is quite quick and you will glimpse her in the room. She does stand watch over you, so do be aware that this is something she does, I have seen her at night in the corner of the room. She has a very direct, though compassionate stare, as if she looks within you, as if to say “I know what you are hiding”. She gives a gentle smile as if to say “It is going to be all right, trust in me”. She will be there for those who have lost themselves.



The spirit has a very strong presence and is able to communicate through pendulum, throws high EMF spikes, and spirit box. I have 2 spirits with a possible 3rd who keeps to the background and is elusive. I have a male child with a secondary male spirit, older, and the second spirit is very dark. The child communicates for a time but is overwhelmed by the stronger spirit who comes through, and it is this spirit that brings forth the strongly negative responses. The 3rd spirit is the one that concerns me the most, it appears to control and conduct the others and I sense a lot of darkness here. We in our home have been experiencing Shailer in many forms. He appears in dreams, and I have asked 2 colleagues to have Shailer for a stay in their homes, with similar results. All have heard a creaking sound through the night, where one colleague stated it sounded like Shailer was “crawling up the hallway”, tapping, shadows,nightmares and a hissing sound. The energy is negative and I would not feel that Shailer should go to anyone who isn’t strong in their ability, the spirits attached would quite easily overpower an inexperienced person. Session with spirit brings me a very strong sense of fear, and I hear someone sobbing, I have a sense of despair. I see the darkness and a high pitched squeal,there is a sense of hiding something or from someone. There is a slyness to the eyes which stays with you. My colleague stated his wife made him remove the vessel as she felt it was “watching her” This is a familiar occurence and has been reported by many who have seen him.



Astrid is the spirit connected to this doll vessel. She was a 35 year old wiccan priestess of the coven of the moon. She is very powerful an can aid in any Magickal endeavor such as spells, rituals and rites. Shes great with help for divination and the tarot. 

Astrid passes away from a horrible car accident. A deer ran out in front of her vehicle and to keep from hitting it she ran off the road and hit a tree sending her through the windshield.

Astrid can be seen as a ghostly apparition, streaks of lights, orbs, can be heard talking, humming, singing and chanting. She has been Known to move her vessel to different rooms. She loves the smell of vanilla and nature



Darla is an old 1967 Baby Small Walk by Mattel, she is marked on her lower back. We took her batteries out because my grandma felt like Darla was “messing with her” by turning herself on and off when my grandma walked by. My grandma was not amused. We had never really planned on letting Darla go, we felt like she was a sassy brat, but not necessarily evil. It’s true she likes to mess with people, but we know humans like that too! We originally got this doll from a lady who was very religious and her sisters haunted doll collection, the entire collection, was sent to us within days of her death, this happened about 2 years ago. This is the first doll from her collection that we are letting go of, the others are staying forever, if we can help it. She had an amazing collection. Darla arrived to us with a bunch of old jewelry around her neck. I didn’t realize it was sacred to her until she told us in a session about 3 months ago. She has been seething about the fact that I had taken her jewelry, and worse, I have no idea what I did with it, it’s probably here in the house, or maybe I sold it, I don’t know – she wont forgive me for that. Darla holds a grudge. In our last session about a week ago, she called me some choice names that I won’t repeat here. It’s funny because she is so darn cute, but her mouth is as foul as any sailors! LOL We think Darla might find happiness with someone else, OR there is always a possibility that she will be just as sassy and bratty as she was here. She seems to like the attention of Ouija and pendulum sessions, but she is a little firestarter and if she thinks she can say something to get someone angry, she will say it. We swear we have heard her laughing afterwards. Experience is a good idea with this one. 



This is Esmeralda. She’s a highly active child that was born from drug addict parents. Esmeralda is very active and jumpy. Whenever the full moon is present she goes into withdrawal modes. You’ll be able to feel her shaking. She’s a sweetheart and a loving child but her activities can be quite frightening especially when she shakes and trembles. Esmeralda’s eyes are beautiful and they follow your moves. Her facial features tend to change like if she’s in pain. Esmeralda died of heart failure at the age of 4. 



Sue is from the United States. She has a southern American accent and has mentioned the place Tampa, Florida but says she did not live there nor did she like it. We are unsure where Sue actually lived but we focussed on why she did not like Tampa in Florida and she said bad things happened. When asked if she died here, she responded yes. She confirmed this response through multiple methods we used. She confirmed her age when she passed as 42. When asked if she was at peace and happy she responded on the pendulum “don’t know”. Some days she answered yes to this question and others she answered with a clear no and after said she did not want to elaborate. Two weeks after, a male voice came through during sessions. This was quite unusual and we wanted to ensure that Sue was still with us so addressed the spirit as Sue and the male voice responded with yes. When asked who the male was he responded with a hoarse cough and in a rough voice, that sounded breathless, said “friend”. In sessions after this, the female voice responded and spoke about how lonely she was in life and how there are bad people in the world. The male voice occasionally comes through but does not address who he is he seems to address the environment around him. He was able to tell me that he liked my pet dog, that the weather was beautiful and said thank you for being here. We do not know who he is and how he relates to Sue and whilst Sue is the main spirit that communicates, he occasionally comes through too. We were able to establish that they were happy to join the other spirits in my main property and that they are not negative energy or in any way menacing or malevolent. They are ready to move on now and it is fair to say that more work is needed to obtain clearer information. This is a very intriguing case and requires patience, time and some effort.

The following activity has been shown: two voices in EVPs:male and female, manipulating dowsing rods, footsteps, orb/ectoplasm, a presence felt close by touching/pressure on the skin, evp communication, emf meter communication, appliances like the kettle/washing machine turning on and off.

Details on the spirit: her name is given as “Sue”, origin is united states. Her age is 42.



The following activity has been shown: a young female voice in EVPs, footsteps, orb/ectoplasm, a presence felt close by touching/pressure on the skin, singing, evp communication, emf meter communication, appliances like the kettle/washing machine turning on and off.

Details on the spirit: her name is given as “Lyla”, origin is UK, age is 3. 

Given Lyla’s age, it has been very difficult obtaining information from her because we have to consider her level of language and understanding. Lyla can say her name, but other than that can only talk and play like any other child would. We do not know if she is aware of her passing, what we do know is that from her behaviour and talking, she is not distressed. She is often heard giggling and is a playful spirit. Lyla can acknowledge us and say hello, she is aware of her surroundings and likes to be around people and other spirits. She does not like to be left alone too much and requires time, patience and attention. She knows what a television is and some technology so we can assume she passed around this current era and she uses modern phrases and language that a child from this era would. When we have placed toys near her, she can manipulate those such as a ball, toy cars and Xbox controller. She will say things like “doggy” through EVP if my pet dog is nearby and will ramble in general childlike phrases and sentences. What is most important though is that she is content and happy where she is. Offer her love, empathy, respect, reassurance, care and attention just like you would a living child.



This is an antique, haunted doll that has been nicknamed Lobster Boy because of his terrifyingly deformed arms. This doll has a metal head and an articulated soft body with creepy lobster arms. His metal head has been tied onto this body. This is one of the creepiest dolls ever to come through this shop. This doll is said to creep everyone out. Some people are terrified of this doll. This doll gives people nightmares, and feeling of dysphoria. There are several reports of strange, paranormal activity around this doll. This doll is said to become extremely active when paired with a spirit board or evp machine. It is therefore not recommended to use these objects in conjunction with this doll. This doll comes straight from your nightmares into reality. This doll is not a toy. This is a collector’s item, and should not be used lightly. Lobster boy measures approximately 12 inches tall, and needs to be treated delicately due to his age.



This is Vicky the vintage haunted bride doll that also a music box. You can wind her up, then flip her switch and she plays the wedding song while she slowly spins around. Vicky is said to also play on her own, usually in the middle of the night. People claim that Vicky scares them with whispers, singing, and strange music. She is said to laugh maniacally when someone is truly terrified of her. Her dark intentions are projected onto her face with her furrowed brow. Her facial features probably morphed this way after years of evil mischief. Her dress shows her age which almost 70 years old. Her last owner claimed to have several conversations with Vicky through a spirit board She claims that at first Vicky was fun to talk to, but quickly went dark. She became so afraid of Vicky that she had to get rid of her. Now Vicky needs a new owner. Someone who can control her dark tendencies. Vicky stands at approximately 10 inches tall. 



The following activity has been shown: a young female voice in EVPs, throwing objects, footsteps, orb/ectoplasm, a presence felt close by touching/pressure on the skin, humming tunes, evp communication, emf meter communication, appliances like the kettle/washing machine turning on and off.

Details on the spirit: her name is given as “Christie”, origin is Bejing, death occurred in London, age is 46. 

Christie passed on in the 1990s. She lived in London, it is where she started her education and career in nursing. She has a slight accent but her English is exceptionally good, she is good with communicating and a highly intelligent woman. Christie saw alot of tragedy in her job as a nurse and although she spent alot of time blocking it out and staying strong she eventually became very depressed. She enjoyed her job and loved caring for others but she tells us it made her so very sad. She always had a good sense of humour and was positive throughout life but towards the end of her life she became lonely, depressed and sad because of all the morbid things she had seen. Some cases stuck with her for life and would haunt her mind as she tried to sleep at night. After losing a patient one day from a terminal illness, this is when problems started for Chrsitie. She had bonded with this patient and their death really shook her. She tells us she questioned whether there was any point in life because of all the sadness and death. She was so sad and had no one to turn to outside work. Of an evening she drank bottles of whisky alone to numb the pain. One evening it got too much for her and she mixed whisky with a large mixture of tablets and never woke up. Christie now accepts her passing and says that she is happy, “I am happy to know that death is not final”, are her words. She is happy to stay in spirit world to observe the living and offer love and care to those she is around. She has such strong positive energy and is suited to all homes. 



This beautiful antique composition doll is highly active. Her spirit name is Mildred and her era dates back to early 1930’s. Mildred likes to act up especially during the full moon and on holidays. You’ll experience weird noises, loud screams and an annoying laugher that will send chills up your spine. Mildred is not evil but can be quite frightening to those who are not familiar with paranormal activities. Don’t let this rare treasure slip away. 



This is Baby. She is inhabited by the spirit of a young girl that left this realm many years ago. Baby has a lot of activity associated with her. I often hear crying coming from the room where she resides. Occasionally, I will also hear soft laughter or running water.

I have found her at the foot of my bed on a few occasions. I recently found her sitting in the empty bathtub. I have decided to find her a new home because she needs more attention than I can give her.

Please do not be afraid of Baby. She is an innocent spirit. I know that it can be frightening when her head turns seemingly by itself, which happens from time to time, but she means no harm. She needs a loving home.

Baby is somewhat of a Frankenstein’s monster, with mismatched body parts. Baby’s dress needs some attention, or she needs a new dress. 


French Witch

She was hanged in the town she lived in for being a witch was illegal she cast out a curse to ever one standing out where she was hung including any one who took part of her death , it was their mistake for letting her get the last word after her death each person she cast the curse upon suffered many tragedies, she will curse she is not afraid to do so she is a good spirit but will not stand for people who have done wrong to her or to whom she loves highly active spirit.



The following activity has been shown: a baby babbling in EVPs, orb/ectoplasm, a presence felt close by touching/pressure on the skin, evp communication, emf meter communication, appliances like the kettle/washing machine turning on and off.

Details on the spirit: The spirit is of a 11 month old baby boy.

Given Freddie’s age, it has been very difficult for us personally to obtain information from him because we have to consider his level of development. With paranormal equipment, it is very difficult to communicate with child spirits. A seance, in the presence of a spirit medium, was the method used in this case. The previous spirit keeper, obviously was able to provide information about him, what I wanted to do was confirm and ensure that he was definitely a spirit of the light and that no other entities possessed this vessel also. 

Freddie is an 11 month old baby boy. He passed on in the 1980s. He was born healthy and was well looked after by his mum and dad but contracted a virus, meningitis. He was very poorly and sadly it took his life too early. Why Freddie is attached to this vessel, we don’t know. How he became attached, we also don’t know. With adult spirits we can communicate more effectively and ask why and they will give us reasons such as, “the doll belonged to me”, “the doll represents my appearance in life”, and so forth. However, with child spirits we are limited because often the child spirit is unaware that they have passed. What is most important though is to ensure that they are loved, respected and content until and if they do decide to pass over and leave the vessel that they inhabit. If they show signs of distress, that is when professional intervention is needed, preferably by a spirit medium or spiritual church, to aid the spirit with crossing over. For now, Freddie is content and babbles and behaves like any other baby would. He requires lots of attention and support, consider this before adopting him. 



Hallie is a very old and evolved soul. Its a very strong spirit attachment here, and I feel definately more than one. I have been working with this spirit for only a few days and can state it is one of the strongest spirits I have worked with. I have experienced headaches and a feeling of being unwell. Even with my experience in working with spirit, I can say this one is very strong willed. You do need experience for this one.

This spirit manifests itself as a shadowy figure which I have seen a number of times. Holding the vessel doll you will get a sense of the presence. I have received response through EMF and pendulum, and communication board-which she seems to like the most. 

The vessel doll comes to me from a fellow investigator, he has had Hallie in his care for some time and feels he would rather pass her on to a guardian who is able to spend a more in depth time with her than he can. He feels she is a negative spirit.

I do not know if I feel she is negative, rather I feel she is very strong. I get a sense of a no nonsense person, who I feel does not realise that there are some of us who can hear and sense them, which is why I am sensing a frustration or sense of anger at not being able to communicate freely. I have a sense of being overwhelmed with information when I conduct a communication session with this spirit, as if a flood of details is coming to me, and I am not sure if its one person, but suspect there are other spirits attached here too.

I get a message of almost as if the spirit is saying its “about time” someone listened. I hear a crying sound, I hear someone saying 1916, I have the name “Ronald” and a small dog, and a sense of this spirit is looking back to a time, or a connection to a person they are missing or have lost.

I feel its not so much a negative energy, but more than its a spirit who has been wishing to communicate for a very long time.

I am shown a little girl holding the doll, however she looks different, and I think this fits with my idea that this vessel doll has been damaged at some point, as she is a composition head with some chips and small holes, and a cloth body. 

I have checked back to my colleague who stated he was given the doll by a collector who brought her as is, but with no clothes and she did dress her, but didnt like the “feel” of the doll so wanted her out of the house. So Hallie has been stored in a spare room in a box.

When I picked Hallie up for the first time and held her I do get a strong sense of lots of information, its like a lot of people at once trying to tell you something. I do feel that you need to be quite experienced with spirit to have Hallie with you. 

I believe as with all spirit, that you will know if Hallie is right for you. 18years and over to purchase, and please be aware as with any of my spirit dolls, as I cannot be responsible for any paranormal actions you may experience through adoption.



Meet Elinor the haunted porcelain doll that is said to give her owner nightmares. People who own this doll report having nightmares starting at the acquisition of this doll and increasing in activity and horror the longer they have the doll. She is also rumored to have the spirit of an old lady in her. This is attributed to the distortion of her face to look old. This doll carries a teddy bear, but the feelings she gives people are not cute. She measures approximately 13 inches tall and comes with her own stand. 

Written By

Meghan MacRae grew up in Vancouver, Canada, but spent many years living in the remote woods. Living in the shadow of grizzly bears, cougars and the other predators of the wilderness taught her about the dark side of nature, and taught her to accept her place in nature's order as their prey. She is co-founder of CVLT Nation.

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