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2014 Music Explosion – Top 50 Records of the Year!

These were my favorite recordings that were released in 2014. Listed in reverse alphabetical order covering a variety of different artists creating Death Metal, Hardcore Punk, Trip Hop, Underground Rap & Indie Rock.

Wreck and Reference – “Want”, (((Experimental Duo from Davis/Los Angeles)))

Witchrist – “Vritra”, (((Primitive Death Metal Ooze from New Zealand)))

Whirr – “Sway”, (((Gorgeous Shoegaze from Modesto/Oakland))) 

Whirr/Nothing Split, (((Two of the lushest bands in Indie Rock from Oakland & Philly)))

Wallflower – “No Silence”, (((Radical Hardcore Punk from Fresno)))

Vorde – “S/T”, (((Psychedelic Black Metal from Brooklyn)))

Volahn – “Aq’Ab’Al”, (((Psychedelic Black Metal from Long Beach)))


Vermin Womb – “Permanence”, (((Death/Grind from Denver)))

Torture Chamber – “Qayin”, (((Disgusting Bay Area Black Metal from Concord/Antioch)))

Tinashe – DJ SLIM K Presents – “Purple Water”,(((R&B/Pop Singer from Los Angeles)))

Swallowed – “Lunarterial”, (((Death Doom Metal from Finland)))

Spooky Black – “Black Silk”, Slowwwed down by DJ Slim K(((Wavy R&B from St. Paul)))

Sinmara – “Aphotic Womb”, (((Hellish Icelandic Black Metal)))

Sea Witch – “As Above…So Below”, (((Doom Metal from Nova Scotia)))

Savage – “Demo”, (((Hardcore/Grindcore from Seattle)))

Planning for Burial – “Desideratum”, (((Gloomy Shoegaze from New Jersey)))

Pharmakon – “Bestial Burden”, (((Visceral Noise Performance Art from New York)))

PartyNextDoor – “Two” – Slowwwed down by DJ PURPBERRY (((Cloudy R&B/Rap from Canada)))

Occultation – “Silence in the Ancestral House”, (((Doom Metal featuring members of Negative Plane from New York)))

Nothing – “Guilty of Everything”, (((Rock music played by Hardcore folks from Philly)))

Moss – “Carmilla”, (((Doom Metal from The U.K.)))

Midwest Moms, – “Midwest//Moms”, (((Gothic Post-Punk Rock from Fresno)))

Meth Drinker – “Oil”, (((Sludge Misery from New Zealand)))

Khthoniik Cerviiks – “Heptaedrone”, (((Black/Death Metal from Germany)))

Khordelia – “Khordelia”, (((Trip Hop from London)))

Kemo Kemoss – “Rejoice, No Survivors”, (((Indie Rock from Oakland)))

Keeper – “MMXIV”, (((Blackened Sludge from Fresno)))

Hospital Bomber – “Death Welcomed”, (((xBeantownxBeatdownxHardcore from Boston, MASS)))

HD of Bearfaced – “Chess Piece”, (((HD reminds me of 2pac. HD is a Underground Rapper from Oakland)))

H.U. – “The Journey”, (((The Journey was the only cd that I bought in 2014. H.U. is a Underground Rapper from Oakland)))

Graves at Sea/Sourvein Split, (((Doom Metal from Portland & North Carolina))) 

Gnosis of the Witch – (((Global Black Metal Hatred from America & Sweden))) 

Forn – “The Departure of Consciousness”, (((Colossal Doom Metal from Boston, MASS)))

FKA Twigs – “LP1”, (((Trip Hop from England)))

Fiend – “Derailed”, (((Cutthroat Grindcore from Fresno)))

Eyehategod – “S/T”, (((Bayou Sludge Masters – EHG’s first official recording in almost 2 decades!!)))

Electric Wizard – “Time To Die”, (((Lords of Doom Metal from England)))

Drake – “Heat of the Moment”, Slowwwed down by DJ Chris Breezy (((R&B from Toronto)))

Diocletian – “Gesundrian”, (((Black/Death Metal from New Zealand)))

Dead Congregation – “Promulgation of the Fall”, (((Black Death Metal from Greece)))

Deadbeat – “Demo”, (((Hardcore/Powerviolence from Los Angeles)))

Crime Desire – “Your Power”, (((Hardcore Punk from San Diego)))

Cretin – “Stranger”, (((Old School Grindcore from The Bay Area)))

Conan – “Blood Eagle”, (((Doom Metal from The U.K.)))

Coffinworm – “IV.I.VIII.”, (((Technical Black Death Metal from Indianapolis)))

Cemetery Fog – “Towards The Gate”, (((Death Metal from Finland)))

Caronte – “Church of Shamanic Goetia”, (((Doom Metal from Italy)))

Bones – “Skinny”, (((Wavy Cloud Rap from Los Angeles)))

Bohren & Der Club of Gore  – “Piano Nights”, (((Modern Day Masterpiece of Ambient/Jazz from Germany)))  

Arizmenda – “Stillbirth in the Temple of Venus”, (((Psychedelic Black Metal from Long Beach)))

Aphex Twin – “Syro”, (((The Return of Richard D. James!)))

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Music appreciator, Videographer & Tape pusher. Currently residing in the Bay Area. My goal is to bring exposure to Bands/Artists that I think are worthwhile. Follow my video archive at: http://www.youtube.com/user/hellsasick Follow my music label at: http://transylvaniantapes.bandcamp.com/



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