18 Minutes Of Doom Bliss!Premiere Streaming: CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC “Wrath”

CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC have a new album set to be released on Halloween and it’s called The Glitter of Infinite Hell. If any band could imbue the concept of infinite Hell with a magical quality it’s these guys. The massive atmosphere they create is untouchable, and today we’re very excited to share the track “Wrath” off the upcoming album. Listening to this track is like having your soul called to the crossroads for reaping, then traversing a fiery path into the depths of Hades, passing writhing souls and towering demon overlords as you make your way to the center of the earth. You sold your soul and it’s fucking rock n’ roll. You can pre-order The Glitter of Infinite Hell right here, which features Hieronymus Bosch’s Christ’s Descent into Hell on the cover and original art by Goatess Doomwych on the inner gatefold; but now, listen to “Greed” below…



Goatess Doomwych



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