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Through The Eyes Of A Ghost…
Photography Spotlight

Francesca Woodman was one of the most dynamic photographers of this century. In her short life on this planet of only 22 years, she made a mark on this world like no other.

Francesca Woodman was one of the most dynamic photographers of this century. In her short life on this planet of only 22 years, she made a mark on this world like no other. Looking at her work is like listening to Joy Division – it makes you question everything around you, while seeing strength in darkness. Francesca never tried to become an artist; she was born an artist, because this was the only way she knew how to communicate with the world. While she was living, the photography community didn’t get where she was coming from with her sombre and grotesque imagery. It was not until after she took her life in 1981 that people started to realize how special her work was, and now her influence can be seen widely in artistic photography. What draws me to her work is the language of despair that her pictures convey. In 2010, there was a very interesting documentary made about her called The Woodmans. It examined her relationship with her family, who were also artists in their own right, and it is a must-watch for anyone who is an appreciator of her work. Today, CVLT Nation wants to celebrate the creative spirit of Francesca Woodman with a huge photo essay of her pictures.

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  1. Maria Fḯnsternïs

    February 7, 2015 at 7:41 am

    yaaay, she is amazing!

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