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Death Metal

The Sickest Ritualistic Death Metal
You Will Hear Today! QRIXKUOR
“Consecration of the Temple”

Somewhere deep in the decaying caves of death exist rituals that are kept secret from the rest of the world! QRIXKUOR of London create the kind of bleak ritualistic death metal that is highly addictive to fans of sonic sickness. They bury pure swirling clouds of hate under their murky demonic riffs! Everything about their two songs “Consecration of the Temple” and “Morte Datores” made me a fan instantly! I have a feeling that we all will be hearing way more from QRIXKUOR, because this is just the beginning. Their limited run of 100 tapes has sold out, but check out the tunes streaming below and peep the download link…All I can say is that QRIXKUOR is the sickest death metal I have heard in a long fucking time!


Written By

Sentient 51423

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