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Apocalyptic Blues

*Highly Addictive Occult Doom*
The White Wizard Streaming Now

Last night, I found what I think is the Best Occult Doom Release of 2015 by a band named KULT OF THE WIZARD. Their new album is entitled The White Wizard, and it is a never ending ride to Doom Valhalla, where the riffs shape-shift into magical beings! Mahle Roth’s vocals are bluesy plus strike the perfect balance between pain and power. I’m addicted to this band, because they have created a collection of songs that are classic. I have a job for you – press play and then share this link with your homies so that more people can join the KULT OF THE WIZARD. On my end, I’m committed to do everything in my power to make sure that this band is heard by as many people as I can turn them on to! Listening to their song “Black Moon,” I get chills, because it’s that damn good. In the over-saturated genre of Doom, KULT OF THE WIZARD have created their own lane…Reflections Records is releasing The White Wizard on vinyl Pre Order HERE!



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Sentient 51423

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