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CVLT Nation Interviews TOMB MOLD + Premiering “Blood Mirror”

Why did Tomb Mold choose Brad Moore to create the cover art for ‘Manor Of Infinite Forms’?

As we were finishing up the lyrics/concept for “Manor of Infinite Forms” is when we started to think about who should create the cover art. It was actually Dave from 20BS that pitched the idea of asking Brad. It didn’t take much to convince us, we just didn’t know if he was taking on work at the time. My first exposure to Brad’s art was “Ritual of Infinity”. Seeing the artwork for that record, I just HAD to hear it. Luckily that record is top notch stuff so the art and music pair really well. Brad has a vivid imagination and a keen eye for colour. We passed along the outline of what the record is about and this is what he came back with. I’ve probably stared at it for hours at this point and I’m still picking out tiny details here and there.

What has  been a source of lyrical inspiration for the LP?

Not one thing in particular. Max and I are both influenced by multiple forms of media. Obviously there’s influence from the Dark Souls/Bloodborne universe. Max and I both draw influence from writers like Laird Barron in a big way. A lot of the content lyrically though came from a loose concept that I workshopped with Max to fill out the whole record.

If you had to describe your sound in terms of a super villain or super hero, what would your sonic powers be?

Galactus from Fantastic Four or Doomsday from Superman. Sonically draining and pummeling. Something like that.

Label: 20 Buck Spin…Pre-Order HERE!

I really like the depth that your music has, even at times I hear a classic rock thing happening – are their any classic rock lovers in the band?

Classic Rock and prog are both enjoyed for sure. There’s definitely a love for King Crimson that’s discussed at least once every month or so.

What kind of music outside of Death Metal really gets you hyped?

Anything and everything. Put it all on the table, there is something to be found in just about every genre. Its different for each member. Max is pretty plugged in to a lot of noise/electronic happening these days. We all stay relatively connected to punk stuff happening. I spend a lot of my time listening to Anouar Brahem, Dead Can Dance, Sir Richard Bishop, Uku Kuut, and Valentin Silvestrov.  I’m not sure how mine or Max’s outside habits influence our writing, but it helps us have an open mind.

How did your relationship with 20 Buck Spin come into play?

We went from wholesale correspondence to deciding that the best course of action would be to work together. Its kind of hard to state how much we appreciate working with him. Super supportive and reliable, and all around just a great human.

When Tomb Mold was started did you know you would be so prolific?

Not at all. We figured we would make a couple tapes and then that would be that. I guess we were wrong! Max and I like writing, we’re pretty quick about it, and we’ll keep writing until we run out of ideas.

Some metal heads say that racism and misogyny have a place in death metal because it keeps the art form dangerous – what are your thoughts on this?

I’m not sure I’m the right person to tackle something like that but I think the “dangerous art form” is a weak argument. There isn’t much artistic merit in either. I know racist/shock imagery has been used in performance art over the years to explore deeper themes, but for every thousand groups that do it, maybe one does it effectively. It’s also really easy to throw any sort of WWII-centric symbol on your release to drive interest (whether it be positive or negative). If you’re that seduced by racist or misogynistic imagery, then perhaps you need to re-examine your own ideology or at least be ready to own it when you’re confronted. I’ve never looked to metal to be dangerous. I’ve been drawn to it because of how imaginative it can be. There’s nothing unique about trying to flex as a racist or misogynist.

When you perform live, what state of consciousness does your mind travel too?

On a good night, performing live is quite peaceful. I know that sounds funny, but when there’s good energy in the room, you can feel it. Any stresses tend to evaporate. You start to feel weightless. Its pretty alright.

What can your fans expect on your upcoming tour with Of Feather and Bone?

They can expect some decent merch, setlists that are heavy on the new record, short shorts, sleeveless shirts, and we’re always happy to talk to anyone that wants to.

Top 3 Horror films that get Tomb Mold excited?

Can’t do 3. Some sort of list that would include Aliens, Black Roses, From Beyond, Event Horizon, The Thing, Black Christmas, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, In the Mouth of Madness

TOMB MOLD Tour Dates:

6/14/2018 The Cave – Santa Fe, NM w/ Of Feather And Bone

6/15/2018 The Lost Well – Austin TX @ Austin Terror Fest [info]

6/16/2018 Stick’s Place – Wichita Falls, TX w/ Of Feather And Bone

6/17/2018 Santo’s – New Orleans, LA w/ Of Feather And Bone

6/18/2018 Rockhouse Live – Memphis, TN w/ Of Feather And Bone

6/19/2018 Basement – Atlanta, GA w/ Of Feather And Bone

6/20/2018 Atlas Brew Works – Washington, DC w/ Of Feather And Bone

6/21/2018 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA w/ Of Feather And Bone

6/22/2018 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Of Feather And Bone

6/23/2018 The Meatlocker – Montclair, NJ w/ Of Feather And Bone

6/24/2018 O’Brien’s – Boston, MA w/ Of Feather And Bone

6/25/2018 Casa Del Popolo – Montreal, QC w/ Of Feather And Bone

6/26/2018 Coalition – Toronto, ON w/ Of Feather And Bone

7/27/2018 Mr. Small’s Theater – Pittsburgh, PA @ Migration Fest

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