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Chaotic Nihilistic Screamo ALERT! Horsewhip’s “Aver”

In the post-trend everything-all-at-once world we now live in, it certainly seems that Hardcore is finally enjoying a true resurgence. For those who remember the apocalyptic tension of an impending thing Y2K, the underground sounds of the era might seem underrepresented, but Horsewhip is here to remedy the situation. There self-titled ten-inch record is set to drop on September 14th courtesy of Financial Ruin Records with exclusive distribution by Deep Six Records.
This Florida-based unit is comprised of scene veterans who did their time in such notable bands as Reversal of Man, Combatwoundedveteran, and Sutek Conspiracy to name just a few. Those experiences are prominently on display as Horsewhip rips through seven tracks of frantic and unpredictable Hardcore. They capture much of what defined the 90’s D.I.Y. Screamo era, rapid shifts in tempos and times, and a vocal style that is at times angry, but more often than not seems to just ooze with passion.

The thing is, Horsewhip isn’t just a throwback to a bygone era. With age has comes refinement. Bolstered by a thick, modern production the sound here is quite dynamic, heavy but filled with mood and atmosphere. Shaun Drees’s guitar work throughout the record is full of nuance, often breaking up the heavier material with serpentine guitar lines that bring to mind the Bay Area band Dead and Gone. Meanwhile, Alex Bond’s drum work ranges from impressive to downright jaw dropping, on “Funeral Circus” and “Dirt Bag” in particular. He interjects quick moments of blast beats and instantly rolls into something else. Blink and you might miss it. Jeff Howe’s bass is particularly muscular. Often times in the nineties, the bass was the first victim of the lo-fi recording environments. Mike Grantham’s vocals round things out nicely, both powerful but clear.
The Screamo scene that emerged in the early to mid-nineties gave birth to some of the most original Hardcore bands in the genre’s history. Both that scene’s influence along with Horsewhip’s members involvement with some of those legendary bands is evident in this self-titled ten-inch record. But also evident is the amount of musical evolution and maturity that is taken place since those heady days, and it is this combination of tradition and progress that make this record so exciting. Hopefully, Horsewhip will lead the resurgence within this particular sub-genre and we will hear much more from both them and those they will inspire.

We are lucky enough to bring you the premiere of the album opener “Aver”. Vocalist Mike Grantham had the following to say about the track- “A nihilistic view of the end of earth. About a desire to see it laid to waste. To watch our beliefs fade into the air without any sympathy.” So without further ado…


Get your digital preorders: HERE!

And vinyl preorders:

10/06/2018 American Legion Seminole Heights – Tampa, FL w/ Yashira, Reality Asylum, Sentries
10/26-28/2018 The Fest – Gainesville, FL
11/16/2018 Lou’s – Orlando, FL w/ Thunderclap, Gillian Carter, Flying Limbs, Forms
12/07/2018 WVRM Fest – Jacksonville, FL

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