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Experience the Sonic Uprising of ZULU “My People… Hold On” & “Our Day Will Come” EPs

Last week I found a one-person Hardcore project that creates some of the most important music right now – they’re called ZULU, and Anaiah Lei is the young brother at the center of this sonic storm of creative liberation. To date, he has released two insanely excellent EP’s entitled Our Day Will Come and his newest one called My People​​…Hold On. His use of vocal samples gives me chills and keeps me thinking at the same time. While the Black Liberation Movement is happening all over the world, this young brother is liberating minds with his straight-up heavy AF brand of Hardcore // Power Violence. On the real, some of the vocal samples that Anaiah uses are not only uplifting but also full of knowledge. On the musical tip, this brother wastes no time kicking out the jams that get me hyped to be alive!

As someone with roots in the streets of Southern California, being young isn’t easy, especially when you have an open mind and don’t want to be like everyone else around you. You have to be willing to fight for your identity from all sides and arm yourself with a strong sense of self, which comes through in Anaiah’s creative output. I know I said it’s a one-person project, but this brother actually has a community right alongside him, helping his vision come to light. ZULU gets me more than just hyped – both of these EPs inspire me and remind me that the whole world isn’t going to shit! All the old heads reading this, just know that the revolution won’t be televised, but it is being manifested by the YOUTH! My only issue with ZULU is that I need more music, because two EPs isn’t enough! I need two full LPs of this kind of Hardcore because it’s that damn good!

Artwork by Savannah Imani

ZULU Our Day Will Come

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