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Young Doom Heavyweights!
CVLT Nation Streaming: Fórn
“The Departure of Consciousness”

Fórn is a band that is about to crush mad fucking skulls with their powerful debut album The Departure of Consciousness. People from around the world are going to hear this monolithic boulder of audio doom and wonder how such a young band could create such a perfect record. I don’t have the answer to that, but I will say that Fórn know what fuck they are doing. Every track reeks of despair, beauty and tormented serenity while acting as a portal into a universe where weed clouds are beakcons of light! Our comrades Vendetta Records are releasing The Departure of Consciousness on July 22nd, but the pre-order starts today, so go HERE! CVLT Nation has been given the honor of streaming this very special Fórn album in full below!


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