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You have been invited to a CAT PARTY: You need to hear this Unreal Post Punk band!

I was once given these words of wisdom by a friend: whenever I see a CAT PARTY record, I should buy it without question! So I bought the first one I saw, the self-titled record, I totally agree, because they are one of the greatest Post-Punk bands that you’ve never heard! They don’t live in the past because they are too busy pushing Post Punk forward. I’m not even sure they are still a band, but I’m sure that all of their songs are fucking anthems. After I picked up that first record, we blasted it almost everyday for like a year. It really is an honor to be able to give CAT PARTY the shine they deserve; and it all started with those words from Robert Hanna from Countdown to Armageddon – thanks homie. Their music has saved me from going into a pit of despair so many times, and for that I salute them. My best friend and wife Meghan loves them just as much as I do. CAT PARTY will always be invited to my parties. Now plug your brain into your new favorite Post Punk band that you’ve never heard!


CAT PARTY: Rhapsody In Black


CAT PARTY: A Thousand Shades of Grey



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