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Ripping Hardcore Punk: KAPITAL’s Debut Demo Will Ruin You

Holy fuck, here’s yet another ripping hardcore punk BEAST unleashed from the gutters of Oakland, CA ,to hunt down and destroy human ears like a pack of rabid dogs. KAPITAL are Oakland veteran punx who have coalesced to spew rabid and incendiary hardcore punk that sounds like an absolute PUNISHMENT in aural form. Their debut demo is a short but unrelenting and savage overdose of adrenaline-fueled antagonism that will lay your ear canals to waste. This pillaging demo is an inhumanly intense barrage of lightning-fast, abrasive as fuck blasts of punk rock angst, bottlenecked into an explosive detonation of hardcore punk fury that will impact your senses like a shockwave and bring you to your knees in seconds, leaving you battered and scarred, face down in the dirt. Not sure if any physical copies of this will be or are available, but you can pay what you want for the digital version on the band’s bandcamp. Fans of Void, Crucifix, Severed Head of State, Poison Idea etc. – you will love every second of this senseless savagery in aural form.





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