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Wizards Of Drone-Doom…New SEA OF BONES Improvised Track

So what happens when one of your favorite Doom/Drone bands decides to improvise a 27:27 minute song off top of the dome? The end result is called “Silent Transmissions,” and it was created by our comrades in heavy SEA OF BONES. For $1, the digital version of this sonic wall of pounding pain can be yours! I fucking love this band and I respect that they went and conjured up something so sublime. You can stream “Silent Transmissions” in full below, plus read what the band had to say about the recording process!

This track was recorded in one take with no overdubs, it was completely improvised on the spot, this is how a large portion of what we write comes about, sometimes there is a riff that we start with and we go from there, other times like this, we hit record and see where it takes us.


sea of bones

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