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Witness the Suffocating Industrial Dystopia of HOLD ME DOWN

Sentient Ruin has launched pre-orders for a debut demo tape of ghastly magnitude. Hailing from Virginia, Hold Me Down features one member of industrial black metal deviants AMERICAN (Jim Gullickson), and two more partners in crime – David Hoefer and Ben Rinehardt – intent in creating a hideous miasma of unheard post-industrial destruction and of implausible electro-noise metal devastation.

With a take no prisoners, no thrills approach, the trio has taken their keen and loyal worship of bands like Skinny Puppy, early Ministry, and Godflesh, and smashed it against a massive wall of derailing harsh noise, scathing power electronics, and subtle touches of black metal to create a sonic dystopia of unseen cruelty and darkness.

If you like modern and shapeshifting industrial extreme metal and beyond as seen in bands like Blut Aus Nord, Youth Code, Statiqbloom, The Body, and Luminous Vault, then your ears will be pleasantly destroyed.

Tapes/digital via Sentient Ruin.

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