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Witness the raw nihilist industrial noise of DUMA’s “OMNI”

Photo Kachna Baraniewicz.

DUMA spits in the face of conformity! DUMA spits in the face of Eurocentric and Afrocentric stereotypes because they’re no one but themselves. DUMA means “darkness” in the Kikuyu language, and its members are Martin Khanja (aka Lord Spike Heart) and Sam Karugu, two industrial noise warriors from Nairobi who have created a sinister and haunting self-titled debut that will be released via Nyege Nyege Tapes on Aug. 7th. Their sound is half Full of Hell and half Sun Ra beaming to earth from planet Throbbing Gristle. Duma’s Industrial Trap Soundscape are harsh and weirdly trance-like at times! On the real – to say that DUMA inspires me would be an understatement. I love that two brothers from the Motherland have created one of most fucked and caustic releases of 2020! It’s an honor to share with you their new visual for “OMNI” from their debut record that can be pre-ordered HERE! If you don’t know, now you know that Nyege Nyege Tapes is coming in HOT THIS YEAR!

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