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Witness the Powerful hardcore visual from MENTIRA “Culpables”

Excuse me as I say, hell yeah, this is my job – turning the world on to insanely blistering Punk like new Mentira album entitled Nada Es Sagrado. Every fucking tune rocks so hard it makes me want to jump out of my skin and slap myself with JOY! Damn, this band is bringing the noise and then some with this release, because they waste no time laying down their urgent JAMS! It’s the moments where they inject their songs with a twisted sense of melody that really gets me going! Mentira is a band that deserves all the shine they get because they’ve created a Hardcore Punk classic and I feel lucky that I get to turn y’all on to their bugged-out visual for their song “Culpables.” Respect due to IRON LUNG Records for releasing Nada Es Sagrado on Dec. 4th – get your pre-order on HERE!

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