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Death Metal

Witness the Depraved death-worshipping metal of CIVEROUS & STYGIAN OBSESSION: ANNIVERSARY OF AFFLICTION

With the highest honor, we get to share with y’all CIVEROUS & STYGIAN OBSESSION: ANNIVERSARY OF AFFLICTION Live Set. I got to say I’m fucking beyond impressed at how insanely awesome this looks and the sound is spot fucking ON! Both bands’ sounds will have your ears aching in beautiful agony. I have always been a fan of CIVEROUS and after watching this performance I’m even more of a fan straight up! STYGIAN OBSESSION rocking dirged-out set pushed my wig back for sure! While I’m I got to salute Transylvanian Recordings always releasing music that matters! That being said y’all can also pick up a copy of this blistering performance HERE!

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