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Blackened Crust

Witness the Blackened Doom of MORAST “In Gloam”

As this world spins non-stop on its axis of filth and hate, I find myself looking for solace in the music that I listen to. I need bleak tunes right about now because the universe is in a fucked-up state. This is why the new MORAST visual for “In Gloam” resonates with me so much! The band is back with two new songs for their new EP The Palingenesis coming out May 21st via Ván Records/Totenmusik. Step into their space of darkness and allow this anthem of isolation to be your place of solace!

Taken the new EP “The Palingenesis” to be released on May 21st, 2021 by Ván Records/Totenmusik.

“The Palingenesis” is the new EP by German Blackened Doom band MORAST. Written in pandemic isolation the two new songs reflect the claustrophobic atmosphere of  its time and are a resumption of the band’s fierce and obscure path to complete and total darkness. It’s the first release with new vocalist Z., formerly known for his work with Nagelfar, Endstille and Graupel.
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