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Witness the beautiful and brooding Darkgaze of EST “Every Echo”

It’s time to float away, wish upon a star, and get turned on to the awesome ethereal band EST! Their beautiful and brooding new record The Everies is out now and every second of this release will enchant you. EST’s music uplifts me and gives the transcendental power I need to get through crazy thing called life. On the real, this band amazes me, which is why I’m so happy that we’re premiering their new video for “Every Echo” below. Make sure to order their record The Everies HERE… The Cocteau Twins and MBV actually did have a sonic baby together and they named it EST!

San Diego trio, EST, embodies elements of truth, sorrow, existentialism, and the will to find a center in the chaos of the human experience through wispy, poetic, darkly-tinged and dreamy compositions. Shaped in part by bands such as The Cure, Bauhaus, Cocteau Twins, and Sunn 0)))), EST is comprised of Charlotte Noelle Miller, Christopher Ryan Braciszewski, and John Christopher Harris II– plant scientists who absorb the dark and healing frequencies of nature to create a medium for communication. Described by publication Week in Pop as having a “sensibility that evokes the essences of throwback imprint institutions from classic 4AD, Creation Records, Sarah Records, Cherry Red, One Little Indian, vintage Flying Nun, retro Rough Trade and countless more,” the band takes on an experimental approach with varying degrees of shoegaze, darkwave, and goth influences that transmit philosophical beliefs rooted in feminism and post-modern feminist ideals. As for the acronym, the name holds many meanings– a reference to Erhard Seminar Training via the allusion towards “Electronic Social Transformation”. Their sound combines this emotional manifesto with the language of technology to enhance the experience of what it means to be a participant in our ever-changing social scope of inner-self and outer exploration.

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