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Avant Garde

Demented Sludge alert: Witness the agony of Deveikuth’s preview!

I know something you don’t – that Deveikuth’s soon to be released project entitled Cadavre is sick as FUCK! Now it’s time to tease you with this visual – Deveikuth will drop this filthy sludge drone offering on Nov. 22nd, so stay tuned!


Dvkth is :

– Zero – Guitar, vocals, keyboards
– Alexis – Drums, samples

~ Recorded by Zero in 2018 at 105.
~ Mixed and mastered by Karl Jonas Wijk at Studio Gustafsberg.
~ Artwork and music by Zero and Alexis
~ Layout and design by Alexis

Tape will be release later on Medusa Crush Recording.

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Relapse 10-4

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