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Witness the stellar new video from FATAMORGANA “Espacio Profundo”

It’s time to gather around and dance to the killer beat of FATAMORGANA! Better yet – it’s time to peep their stellar new video for their song “Espacio Profundo.” FATAMORGANA’s newest record Terra Alta is out now on LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS. Make sure to catch them on their upcoming EU tour that is taking place now – peep all of the dates below!

● APRIL 2019

13 IGUALADA @ La Bastida
18 MARSEILLE @ Intérmediarie
19 TORINO @ Blah Blah
20 CASSANO D’ADDA @ The One-
21 PADOVA @ Buscaglione Bar
22 ZAGREB @ AKC Medika
23 GRAZ @ Sub
24 VIENNA @ Grillx
25 BRNO @ Kabinet MÚZ
26 LEIPZIG @ Lepzig Plagwitz
27 BERLIN @ An Der Autobahn
29 STUTTGART @ Schlampazius
30 FREIBURG @ Slow Club

● MAY 2019

02 GENEVA @ L’Usine
03 TOULUSE @ Les Ravelin
04 BARCELONA @ Apolo 2

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