Witness the Slow-moving Death that is LEECHFEAST’s “Village Creep” Video

Slow moving pain, torment, death and suffocating riffs are the thoughts that come to my brain as I listen to the new EP entitled Village Creep by the Sludge/Doom warriors LEECHFEAST. I can’t express enough how with each release from this band, I fall more in love with their sound because they have been able to inject something new into this genre. In a strange way, their music almost has a Deathrock vibe to it. The haunting vocals backed by their grim, majestic music is fucking intoxicating. LEECHFEAST’s new EP has more power than many bands full length albums, which is why we are so excited to be premiering their stellar video for the title track “Village Creep.” This release will be on our end of the year list for sure, so stay tuned. Respect due to Vendetta Records for another sick record…it  is out NOW!!!


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