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Witness MANTAR’s rad cover of L7’s “Can I Run”

Photo by Christoph Eisenmenger

So what happens when a band looks to its youth for some present inspiration? The end result is a rocking record called GRUNGETOWN HOOLIGANS II by MANTAR. Over the course of 8 songs, they cover songs from the 90’s bands that influenced them and it sounds pretty fucking AWESOME. Not only that, but they’re having fun while they do it! Check out the video for the L7 anthem “Can I Run” below! Respect due to MANTAR for a solid offering – GRUNGETOWN HOOLIGANS II is out now via Brutal Panda!

Video  directed by Mathias Schöningh and edited by Matthis Van Der Meule

“For the third single of GRUNGETOWN HOOLIGANS II which finally drops worldwide today we’ve picked a rather dark yet powerful song. This song is called “Can I Run” and is originally from the mighty L7 who influenced us a whole lot when we were youngsters. The lyrics are aggressive, hostile, sad, and most importantly from a female perspective. Violence against women makes us sick to our stomachs and we can’t even begin to imagine the circumstances that women and any persons who are regularly victims of violence and hate experience not only today, but throughout history. Also we thought it is an appropriate statement for every single person asking us if we were gay for every picture of us holding hands or being somewhat affectionate towards each other. And even though being in a band with just one other person can often feel like a marriage, we are what you would consider “straight” men. Pretty much by accident. So who are we to speak up? Well, we don´t really know, but who are we if we don’t?! So, sorry for the dark vibes on a Friday but we love the song, the band and you. And yes, Erinc ate the whole fucking cake. Peace.”

Brutal Panda 2020 Label Sampler (Campaign Zero Charity Relief)

Their cover of “Ghost Highway” also appears on a new compilation put together by Brutal Panda to raise money for Campaign Zero, an organization working to end police violence in America. The compilation can be purchased HERE as a pay-what-you-want download with 100% of proceeds going to the organization. The label will match all donations through the end of June.

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