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Witness Black Royal sitting on the Throne of Sludge!

Are you ready to give props to BLACK ROYAL for bringing a storm of heavy riffs on their soon to be released record Firebride? You should be, because this is sonic volcanic eruption of molten sludge, and it’s being released by Suicide Records on February 14th. Today we’ve been given the honor of sharing with you the BLACK ROYAL lyric video for the title track. Make sure to order this kick ass record here!


“‘Firebride’ was one of the first songs completed for our second album and like most Black Royal songs, it started with a live jam in rehearsal space as we were aiming to get a groove going like Mastodon and High on Fire with heavy riff, black metal influenced verse and that larger than life middle section. It’s a tribute to all strong, intelligent individuals who will stand their ground despite how authorities try and force them to do their own bidding. As the eerie trial quote of Margreta Mårtinsdotter states in song ́s middle part – “I have confessed again and again, you can’t have anything more out of me. I have forgiven those who have accused me of this witchcraft” – she was accused of necromancy and was eventually convicted to death in Åland, Sweden-Finland, 1666.”

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