Who will die for me? BESTIAL MOUTHS “The Bleed”

The captivating darkwave/industrial project known as BESTIAL MOUTHS has a new EP ready to unleash on the world, and it’s called INSHROUDSS. Today we’ve got the honor of sharing their video for the track “The Bleed,” the first cut off the new EP. It’s steeped in intense synths and pulsing beats and it’s got me ready to dance in the dark this weekend! INSHROUDSS comes out Oct. 28th and can be pre-ordered here; they’re also on the road right now in Europe and will be back stateside for a run of shows, so check the dates at the bottom of the post. Right now, enjoy this video directed by Rory Gory – get ready for the Bleed…


Directed by Rory Gory
Shot by Gina Canavan and Dickie Flicks
Edited by Ashley Capachione
Bride of Bluebeard: Lynette Cerezo
Bluebeard: Brant Showers
Dead Brides: Anna Schmidt, Sera Timms, Rebecca Buhler, Mariana Saldana
Makeup: Heather L Galipo
Catering: Ashley Marie
Special thanks to Axel Owyen

10/25 Paris, France at Protocol

11/15 San Diego, CA at Space
11/14 Oakland, CA at Elbo Room Jack London
11/16 Los Angeles, CA at Catch One
11/21 San Antonio, TX at The Amp Room
11/23 Miami, FL at Las Rosas


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