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When It Was…
All About Nuclear Fallout!
The Nuclear War Fun Book

Growing up in the 80’s was a blast, but the threat of Nuclear War loomed over our heads! We had to deal with non-stop propaganda about how the Russians were coming, and at any minute our world could be turned into radioactive wasteland. Our schools did the best they could by making us take part in lame drills that were supposed to protect us from the BOMB. I remember when the movie The Day After came out that was the last thing my mother wanted me to watch. The fear of the end of the world made for great inspiration when it came to music, art and leftist politics. The other day I found this book that took me back to my childhood, it’s called The Nuclear War Fun Book…check it out below…Let the games begin!

nuclear-war-fun nuclear2 nuclear3 nuclear4 nuclear5 nuclear6 nuclear7Spotted @ Awful Library Books.

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