Watching the haunting new WITCHING video “False Martyr”

Have you heard of the band WITCHING? If you have not after watching this video you will realize that you have been missing out because this band is the shit! I love their brand of Blackened Doom it’s melodic while still being heavy! Check out their new visual for their song “False Martyr” I am sure you will dig just as much as I do!

“The message of ‘False Martyr’ embodies the current state of affairs in our world, the unheard voices finding their way to the light. Whatever our tormentor may be, death, addiction, depression, anger, we experience this discomfort — and silenced, it builds pressure. Our strengths as a band will help us overcome past issues. With a mighty noise, we release this negativity into the abyss and bathe in the light of bliss.”  


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