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Watch this amazing skate video by Daido Moriyama!

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The Tokyo-based skateboarding facility, famed Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama has returned with yet another collaborative project – glossing the floors of QUCON with his signature black and white photographs. The result is a unique blend of a vivid art installation and a smooth skate facility.

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A SHINPEI UENO FILM 日本を代表する写真家・森山大道氏とのコラボレーション映像『QUCON DAIDO』 本作は「Qucon」や「TIGHTBOOTH PRODUCTION」を主宰する上野伸平の『A SHINPEI UENO FILM』製作によるもの。コラボレーションのモチーフには氏が長らく欲望の象徴として撮影してきた”唇”が採用されているのだが、その”唇”が店内を覆った特別仕様の「Qucon」で「Evisen Skateboards」のライダー数名がスケートセッションを敢行し、森山氏の写真がプロジェクションマッピングで投影されたスケートパークのパートも収録。 また、上野自らが森山氏にインタビューを行っており、氏が定義する写真のあり方だけでなく、長年練り歩いて撮影してきた街に対する思いも知ることができる。ストリートスナップにこだわり続けた森山氏と、スケート映像を撮り続けている上野による特別なコラボレーションをご覧ください。 Directed by @shinpei_ueno Cinematographer @shinpei_ueno @okamedahoy @8ml_tokyo @highsox @tomoyuki_kujirai @shinpei_ueno @japanese_super_rat @underthekneez @bridge149 @koichirouehara @laurencekeefe @katsumi_minami2 Sound by @_yo.an_ Projection mapping @symbiosis.creativeagency Motion graphics @8ml_tokyo Special thanks @akionagasawa @masa9436 @veronique.aoyama #daidomoriyama

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The installation comes with a highly charged skate video directed by a TIGHTBOOTH‘s Shinpei Ueno, alongside a short interview with Moriyama. The video kicks off with the artist explaining how he views photography as something that’s “ultimately just documentation,” followed by how “documentation is the concept of copying, making copies of the world in a sense… Making copies of time… Making copies of people. But “photography is not about meaning,” he explains, “You know, just like what Bruce Lee once said – Don’t think. Feel.”

After this, the video is taken to the tiny parameters of QUCON’s indoor storefront where Shinpei and a crew of skaters tightly perform a bevy of tricks, from sharp grinds to high wallrides. Graphic vignettes of Moriyama’s imagery flash occasionally throughout the video, accompanied by an amped up electro beat tinged in sounds of Japanese shamisens. Towards the end, the skaters move to QUCON’s larger outdoor area, skating over a series of projections of Moriyama’s visceral photographs. Finishing off the video, the end credits are backed by recordings of Moriyama’s earlier comments where he emphasizes, “what’s borrowed from the streets should be given back to the streets.”

Scroll above for a look at Daido Moriyama and QUCON’s collaborative installation in the skate video directed by Shinpei Ueno.

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