Watch the Mesmerizing Film for Peter Wolff’s ‘Breath’

Today PETER WOLFF (formerly of Downfall of Gaia) releases a new, stunning work entitled BREATH via My Proud Mountain. To accompany the record, Wolff has created a gorgeous visual in the form of a breathtaking art film for which BREATH is the score. The music is vast, mysterious and hypnotizing, and it will pull your soul into its vice-like grip. The multi-instrumentalist brings layers of sound together to take the listener to a transcendental state. You can pick up BREATH on limited edition vinyl, CD or DVD right here, and watch this mesmerizing work of visual art below…

All copies with download codes for the movie and mp3

Video by Kai Lietzke & Noemi Nicolaisen

Music by Peter Wolff

-> 2xLP with different screenprinted D-sides
-> CD w/ digipack 
-> DVD w/ changeable cover 
-> DL


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