Watch LUNGFISH Prove they are PURE MAGIC! 1998 FULLSET

How long has music from Washington D.C. been a part of my life? I would say at least 30 years or more. The label that put out the music that I wanted to hear has been Dischord Records. The hardcore days in the 80’s were cool, but the one band that has had the biggest impact on my life is Lungfish. I believe that Daniel Higgs is one of the most mind-altering lyricists of our modern age. On a personal level, his words have guided me out of some dark tunnels that I found myself in. Lungfish’s music is super heavy, without always sounding heavy; maybe I should say it’s dense. No matter what off-kilter rhythms the band is playing, it’s Daniel’s voice and lyrics that are the driving force behind their songs. Lungfish is the product of the 80’s punk movement, and it’s super interesting to hear how they have taken punk in a whole new direction! This band creates sound that changes what we see or don’t see around us, and that’s what makes them so unique. CVLT Nation would like to share with the universe a full live set by Lungfish.



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