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Black Metal

Watch the Death Rave Onslaught of the VMO VIOLENT MAGIC ORCHESTRA “Supergaze” Video

If CVLT Nation had a category for best video of the year, VMO Violent Magic Orchestra would win for their visual “Supergaze” created by Valnoir. Everything about this epic mini-movie is so beyond awesome, I would 100% go to a movie theatre to watch this. As I watch it, I feel like I’m trapped in a devastatingly dystopic version of Tron, or maybe just the sickest sci-fi movie ever made. VMO’s industrial black metal techno is the perfect soundtrack to the wild, bewildering, crisp, and brutal visuals and together they make for one brain-rattling nightmarish experience that I don’t want to stop! The way this song comes for your neck with razor-sharp, stone-cold riffs while it hammers my skull in with unrelenting techno blastbeats makes it an unparalleled lesson in heavy that doesn’t fit the cliches. VMO has nailed this combination of genres and if you don’t believe me, watch their video for “Supergaze” and then drag your pummelled, bloody carcass back over here to tell me. Their long-awaited second LP Death Rave will be released through Never Sleep in the summer of 2023 — for now, you can get this single here.

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