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Vivid new Post-Punk from Boston – Pilgrim’s of Yearning debut LP ‘Forsaken Lands’

pilgrims of yearning

Gracing these trippy times of pandemics and social upheavals comes newer outfit Pilgrims of Yearning to serve as your soundtrack to introspection, lament, and disdain for this atomized modernity we’re stuck with. With their recent immigration from Chile, vocalist Juls Garat and guitarist Claudio Marcio found an often bleak atmosphere mired by capitalism and wealth inequality. Stuck in their newfound situation inspired them to reflect the novelty and desperation they saw around them and crank out 80s-inspired somber post-punk that reminds us of French coldwave blended with downtempo 4AD era proto-goth and simultaneously Latin folk tunes. Forsaken Lands is eclectic to say the least, employing drum machines, sparkling synths, acoustic guitars and several hard to define soundscape tools.

Giving the blend its most unique quality is Juls’s melodic voice taking angular routes around the sweeping, repetitive progressions giving an operatic edge that yearns for comfort in the face of uncertainty when the spirits who traveled by your side feel suddenly absent and a soulless void befalls you. This album is not only about cultural difference, but confusion and disappointment in the promised land that was itself always a lie waiting to be felt. Check out their Forsaken Lands out on June 26th.

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