Video Premiere: Nathaniel Shannon and the Vanishing Twin “Debutantes”

It seems as if Detroit-bred and Brooklyn-based artist Nathaniel Shannon has no limits. As a photographer, his work has not only graced CVLT Nation, but also Metal Injection and various other music sites, blogs and art shows across the country. With an ever expanding reputation for capturing the essence of our world, Nathaniel has embarked on his greatest endeavor yet: a full-length album, Trespasses, recorded and refined over the course of ten years in his bathroom during various stages and locations in his life. This candid peek behind the curtain offers a unique, darkly hypnotic insight into his perception of this fractured and often too cruel world.

This exclusive premiere for the video entitled “Debutantes” conjures forth a peyote-fueled nightmare that would cause Michael Gira and Nick Cave to pause and take note. Filmed in Brooklyn, this first visual glimpse into his debut album was brought forth by director and editor Frank Huang, who you might recognize as the man behind the video-blog Pit Full of Shit. Coupled alongside the budding gore-wizard who goes by the name of Dan Donahue, “Debutantes” is the first step into what frankly seems like an absinthe-fueled venture into uncharted waters for the listener.

Trespasses is available for purchase here and comes with a 100+ page book of original photo collage work assembled for the album.



Directed By: Frank Huang

Featuring: Amy campbell, Brett Wisniewski,
And: Jesse James Madre, YuLing Koh Hsu Whitehead

Special FX: Dan Donahue







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