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Feral Attack Mode!
Listen to the vicious Raw Punk / D-Beat PRISON SHANK’s In Pain

What the Unholy Hell Fuck! PRISON SHANK’s In Pain record is a one-person D-Beat wrecking machine! I love how blown out the music is and how every track is dripping with untamed feral energy!!! This is one of my favorite Raw Punk/D-Beat releases of 2020. It’s short and mean – which is cool! Our comrades Damien Records are putting this out on Nov. 20th so you better tap in!

Cover art by Ethan McCarthy
Each order includes:
1 x PRISON SHANK 6″ lathe
1 x PRISON SHANK 1″ button
2 x PRISON SHANK 2.75″x2.75″ vinyl stickers 
1 x DAMIEN RECORDS 2.75″x2.75″ vinyl sticker
1 x DAMIEN RECORDS 1″ button

Limited to 33

Written By

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