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Listen to the mystical dark dungeon synth OF Vetus Supulcrum “Windswept Canyons of Thule”

We all know that the world has been upside down for some time now, which is why we need good music to give us solace! The new Vetus Supulcrum record entitled Windswept Canyons of Thule is an epic journey to a place where we all have the power to be ourselves! The sounds on this sonic offering are vast, majestic, and magical. I find myself being swept away into a world where the giants eat the corrupt leaders, and we all have our enchanted forests to roam in! Vetus Supulcrum has manifested a record that reminds me of life itself because it’s powerful, fragile, and overwhelming in a grand way. Windswept Canyons of Thule comes out on Oct.31st via Burning World Records and can be pre-ordered HERE!

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