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Untamed Creatures – Bay Area Darkwave
Interview and Full Sets

Leah B. Frink

All photos: Leah B. Frink

Untamed Creatures of the night: Odyssey is the Darkwave album you have been missing in your gloomy existence. I purchased this album immediately when they announced that it hit the net on their facebook page, and I highly recommend adding it to your collection. I have been listening to this album over and over, and falling more and more in love with it with every listen. Odyssey may very well be my favorite release of 2016. Taking shape in the Bay Area, Untamed Creatures is creating some truly enchanted hymns of goth stomping greatness. I was turned onto them earlier this summer when they were playing alongside another one of my favorite Bay Area bands, Alaric. Untamed Creatures blew me away, and I captured footage of their set that evening.


A week after the Untamed Creatures/Alaric show, I ran into their bassist at a Punk Rock warehouse in Richmond(((California))) – he was playing in a Deathrash band called Death’s Eminence on this evening. I went out of my way to approach him and tell him how much I appreciated his performance in Untamed Creatures. I asked him a couple of questions about his band history and I found out that he also plays in a Powerviolence band called Corporal that I captured footage of a few years ago. There needs to be people like him that are not afraid to embrace what they like that are willing to play multiple styles of music. I reached out to vocalist Luna to ask some questions about the origins of the band:




When did Untamed Creatures start?

Untamed Creatures began in 2012 with Gregory Duvel.




Who is in the band and what do they play?

It has since gained and lost several members. It currently consists of Gregory Duvel, who is on vocals, lyrics, keys, programming. Luna Vox on vocals and lyrics. Matthew Bjørn on bass guitar.




If you had to classify the style of music that you are creating and playing, what would you call it?

We consider ourselves to be dark wave, electronic-based music

Name 7 of your favorite bands?

Gregory Duvel: Gary Numan, Clan of Xymox, Ladytron, Ghosting, Front 242, Attrition, Die Form.

Luna: Florence and the Machine, Feist, Lana del Rey, Phantogram, Portishead, Radiohead, Glass Animals.

Matthew: Black Sabbath, Rush, Duran Duran, Cocteau Twins, sisters of Mercy, Ministry, Celtic Frost.




How do you feel about the recent resurgence in popularity of Death Rock and Goth music?

I feel really great about it. Especially now that I’m part of Untamed Creatures. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, this kind of music is part of who I am today. It is my hope that our music will help people to identify with their emotions and express themselves, or to simply feel something…Dark and darkwave music is emotional, and isn’t afraid to look into those dark corners of your mind and your soul, and explore what’s there.






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Music appreciator, Videographer & Tape pusher. Currently residing in the Bay Area. My goal is to bring exposure to Bands/Artists that I think are worthwhile. Follow my video archive at: Follow my music label at:

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